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Welcome to Jerky Emporium

We proudly offering many superior meat snacks including beef jerky, beef sticks, and venison jerky

The overwhelming demand for our brands of beef jerky, beef sticks, venison jerky, and other premium snacks continues to grow each year.

Our growth is solely attributed to our loyal customers who appreciate our quality products, prompt shipping, and excellent customer service. Thank you all!

Jerky-of-the-Month Club

What Is Jerky Of The Month Club?
You sign-up with us for one pound or more of jerky for a year. So once a month, during the first week of the month, we automatically bill your credit card and ship your order.

Remember that your Shipping is FREE with Jerky Of The Month Club!

Unless you cancel before the years up, we'll contact you concerning your Jerky-of-the-Month Club renewal...             JOIN NOW!

Our Manufacturers

We are proud to be associated with and offer our products from the following producers of the Best Jerky available.

  • Jerkyhut
  • Papa Dan's
  • Buffalo Bill's

Thank you in advance for your continued patronage.